Kanuka Oil

Kunzea ericoides


With a fragrant middle note, Kanuka Oil uses include soothing the skin from pain, itchiness and redness to relieving sore muscles and helping to promote calmness and aid with sleep issues.

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Kunzea ericoides, commonly called Kanuka, is indigenous to New Zealand. Otherwise known as White, or Tree Manuka, our Kanuka Oil has a wonderfully light herbaceous, slightly fruity aroma with a fresh eucalyptus-like note. Traditionally used by the Maori people to help treat respiratory issues, colds, back pain and skin conditions.


  • Lightly herbaceous
  • Slightly fruity
  • Fresh eucalyptus like


  • Air cleaner
  • Respiratory issues
  • Effective against antibioitic retrinent Staphylococcus aureus



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