Rosalina (Northern) Oil

Melaleuca ericifolia


Topically applied, Rosalina Oil is known to offer good antiseptic benefits, helps with respiratory problems, and is calming and soothing.

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Known as Lavender Tea Tree, ‘Rosalina’ is part of the Myrtaceae family. Originally referred to as ‘Swamp Paperbark’, Melaleuca ericifolia is a small tree growing to 7-9 metres with narrow leaves. The ‘Northern’ form of this tree provides an essential oil rich in linalool and 1,8 cineole, components that both highlight and balance this unique oil. Typically, linalool is found at levels of 45% and 1,8 cineole around 20%.


  • Lavender and slight lemon aroma
  • Fresh
  • Medicinal





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